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This Week In Baseball History

Feb 23, 2024

Major League Baseball rarely faces a realistic challenge to its hegemony, but, 72 years ago this week, Danny Gardella became the first American-born player to sign with Jorge Pasquel's Mexican League, touching off a short war that challenged the reserve clause, increased salaries at home and abroad, and wound up...

Feb 16, 2024

Compared to some of the other Japanese pitchers who have transitioned to the United States, Hideo Nomo's American career seems relatively short and underwhelming. But the impact it had on two nations, how players move between leagues, and what fans can expect is immeasurable. After signing with the Dodgers 29 years...

Feb 9, 2024

With Mike's attention divided this week, Bill suggested a scaled down episode where the boys focus on birthdays and memorials for the recently departed. And so, happy birthday to Smoky Burgess and Germany Schaefer!

And farewell to Chuck Harrison, Dick Thoenen, Ryan Minor, and Carlos Pulido.

Feb 2, 2024

Despite being acknowledged as one of the all time greats and a very deserving Hall of Famer, Roy Campanella's career doesn't get the appreciation it deserves because of its late start due to segregation and early finish due to an auto accident 61 years ago this week that left him paralyzed. Mike and Bill dig into...