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This Week In Baseball History

Apr 25, 2018

No figure looms larger in the history of baseball than Jackie Robinson and, 71 years ago this week, the pioneer who integrated baseball faced one of his greatest challenges when Ben Chapman and his Philadelphia Phillies began heaping racist abuse on the Dodgers rookie. Mike and Bill look at this troubling incident and...

Apr 18, 2018

Baseball is meant to be played outdoors and on a manicured lawn of beautiful soft grass. But with America rocketing into the Space Age, nothing was safe from modernization. Including the playing field in Houston, where the Astros and Dodgers played the first major league game on artificial turf 52 years ago this week....

Apr 12, 2018

There has never been another Major League pitcher like Jim Abbott, who captured baseball's imagination in the late 1980s, as a college hurler, an Olympian, and finally as the 16th player to skip the minor leagues entirely. And, also, as a one-handed player. On the 29th anniversary of his first start, Mike and Bill...

Apr 4, 2018

The passing of Rusty Staub last week, coupled with his birthday this week, and the 49th and 46th anniversaries of his trades to the Expos and Mets respectively, means that Mike and Bill have dedicated an entire episode to Le Grande Orange, baseball's renaissance man, and his amazing careers both on and off the field.