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This Week In Baseball History

Oct 27, 2022

Despite its name, the World Series was purely an American affair 89 times in a row, until the Toronto Blue Jays won the AL pennant and beat the Braves 30 years ago this week to take the trophy back home to Canada. How did they doo it? Mike and Bill talk about how the team was built, their exceptional regular season...

Oct 21, 2022

One of the greatest relievers of his day, Bruce Sutter also was a pioneer who helped turn the split-fingered fastball into the pitch of the '80s. As we mourn his passing, Mike and Bill look back on one of the most unlikely Hall of Fame careers there is.

Plus, happy birthday to Tim McCarver and Boom Boom Beck

Oct 14, 2022

It's not often you get straight up one-for-one trades. It's even less often that you get one that works out as designed for both teams, but that's what happened 75 years ago this week when the Yankees traded future Hall of Famer Joe Gordon for future ace Allie Reynolds. Both would be huge factors in the championship...

Oct 6, 2022

Mike is traveling this week and Bill was too busy to scrounge up a Bud, so instead we're taking you all the way back to 2017, to an episode that in turn takes you allllllll the way back to 1967, covering the exciting four-way pennant race among the Sox of both colors, the Tigers and the Twins. Enjoy, and talk to you...