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This Week In Baseball History

Oct 13, 2023

If the foul pop off Luis Castillo's bat in Game 6 of the NLCS had landed a foot either way, the life of one ordinary Cubs fan would have remained anonymous and thoroughly normal. Instead, 20 years ago this week, that fan was thrust into a maelstrom of controversy he didn't deserve when the Marlins took advantage and staged a massive comeback at Wrigley Field with the help of several culprits on the Cubs, all far more culpable than Steve Bartman ever could have been. Mike and Bill look back at the Marlins' surprising run to the National League pennant and decide exactly who should have gotten the scorn that was unfairly heaped on a guy who only ever wanted to watch his favorite team get to the World Series.

Plus, happy birthday to Brian Downing and Doc Crandall!